XBody EMS Trainer Course

The pre-requisite of the participation in the XBody EMS Trainer Course is to be qualified as a Fitness Trainer, Personal Trainer and/or education in Sports Science complemented by previous sports or training background. Hence this course assumes a basic knowledge of sports science and work experience in the field of fitness.

The primary purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the safe and effective utilization of WB-EMS devices. It is for trainers who are working with alternate training methods in fitness industry and now broadening their horizons by utilizing the vast benefits of XBody WB-EMS devices.

The focus and therefore the competence attained in this course is to train “healthy clients with healthy muscles”. This will be accomplished by teaching the application of training programs with preset stimulation settings. This course also includes essential education of the appropriate skills in communication, coaching techniques and the principles of XBody Training ®. It also gives them the ability to conduct training programs in an effective and safe way.

The theoretical part of the education contains a review of the history of electrical muscle stimulation technology, basic information regarding the connection between the fitness industry and electrical muscle stimulation, and it also introduces how to combine WB-EMS technology and conventional workout techniques.

In addition, this course introduces the Client’s consent that includes contraindications, relative contraindications in connection with WB-EMS technology. Furthermore, the anatomic and neurologic background of WB-EMS will be presented, as well as the basics of electrophysiology. Finally, in the theoretical section, the candidate will learn about stimulation parameters by considering the XBody Safety Protocol.

In the practical part, the trainer will learn how to put WB-EMS theory into practice. The education assists the candidate in the application of XBody Exercises and in building safe routines by applying XBody Rules and Safe – ty Protocol. Furthermore, during this course the candidate acquires the necessary knowledge of handling and maintaining the training suit.

We recommend this course for motivated and responsible people who have a history in fitness industry and would like to be professional in the latest technological developments in connection with WB-EMS. It is for those who would like to gain knowledge about WB-EMS training, which provides a unique experience for every client and the trainer as well. Moreover, we would like to share our knowledge of this exceptional and efficient training method thanks to which clients can live a healthier life.

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